Music During Ww2 Analysis

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Music during World War II had an impact on America, both on the home front and on troops serving overseas. First off, WW2 encouraged a wide variety of patriotic songs and love songs that focused on separation (with the possibility of the man dying while away fighting). According to an article posted written by Elihu Rose, war inspired patriotic songs such as ““The House I Live In (That’s America to Me),” “There’s a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere,” “American Patrol,” and “This Is Worth Fighting For” (The Glider Lehrman Institute of American History, “The Forties and the Music of World War II”). Because almost every house in America had some way of listening to music, the mass distribution of music had a patriotic effect…show more content…
and its allies experienced some success in their campaigns. The messages that films portrayed at the time affected the public's viewpoints on war related topics. During the war years, book, theater and movie industries did record business regardless of the shortages in many consumer goods. Movies in this period provided people with an understanding of the war, whether they were about wartime struggles or heroic figures. They also however provided a way for people to get away from the harsh wartime atmosphere and escape the reality of the war. Films were also created to lifting people’s spirits during the war; for example, the films “Lassie Come Home” and “Miracle on 34th Street” were considered as heartwarming that people forget about their troubles. An article posted on, films such as “Casablanca”, “Once upon a Honeymoon”, and “The Best Years of Our Lives” communicated, and connected American film viewers to the war that was physically distant, yet emotionally imbedded within them. Americans seemed to visit the theaters not to escape, but to connect themselves with the realities of
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