Essay Music Education: A Much Needed and Important Discipline

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Music Education: A Much Needed and Important Discipline

"A nation that allows music to be expendable is in danger of becoming expendable itself," said Richard Dreyfuss during the Grammy Awards broadcast on the 28th of February (National Coalition for music Education 14). This is a very interesting statement because it involves something that is related to everyone -- school curriculum. When school budgets have to be cut, the music classes are usually the first ones to be removed. Ironically, music is one of the most important areas of study because of its positive effects on students' creativity, learning and growth, and everyday life. Since music education has such an important impact on students' academic and personal growth, it
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Nurturing students' growth is another important aspect of music. Music gives students a comfortable niche in which to grow, for everyone is welcome and capable of making music. After trying and participating, students feel pride in their very own accomplishments through music. Working with peers of the same musical interests and talents is a healthy experience. The idea of teamwork appears again because it is so important. Students working together in something as challenging and wonderful as music can give them more than adequate training for life's future situations. As Eiji Oue, conductor of the conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra, wrote in Teaching Music, "They can take the good experience from their hard work- the discipline, the practice, and the accomplishment of being unified in an ensemble -- and apply it to whatever they want to accomplish later in their lives" (45). Also, students mature as a group the more they work together. Helping each other as they grow through music is an experience found nowhere else.

Another important aspect of music is that it is beneficial in everyday life. Music helps with learning other subjects and performing daily activities because making and learning about music involves so much. In Teaching Music, Bear Irwin, instrumental music supervisor for
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