Music Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

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As you can see, music and dance are very influential in the culture of Brazil. Therefore, music education is also important in the lives of the Brazilian people. Children are exposed to music from an early age through family and community. Unfortunately, music education is not highly regarded in the school system. The amount of music education differs greatly by school and teachers. Most public schools do not have a special music teacher or department. In order to be well educated in music a student would need to attend a private school or a conservatory. As we transition into talking about education, we see that there are many different positives and negatives to school in southern Brazil. Education is a factor that strongly influences every culture. The way in which young people are educated will determine the way in which a culture grows throughout the next generation. The value a society places on education is a strong indicator of their worldview and what the culture believes to be important. Education is valued by the Brazilian government. This is clear because public education is free of charge to students in all areas of Brazil. There are also numerous programs in place to help children pay for school and to make sure adults are literate. People in Brazil value education because they see it as the key to overcoming the economic struggles of families and the country as a whole. Children ages six to fourteen are required by law to attend school, this is known as
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