Music Education Essay

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EDAE224 Creative Arts Curriculum Studies 2

Assignment 1: Music Education

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The best teachers can do is to not allow students to see when the students have not meet the expectations they had and when students do not meet their own expectations, the teacher needs to encourage the student to try again and learn from their previous experience;
 a lack of space for students to move and experiment is a shame but, a classroom is not the only place that students can learn to create, they can do the basic or the foundation type work in a classroom and then move out into the playground or a hall.
One of the best things about music is that it can be created; played; movement; and listened to anywhere there is a desire to enjoy/appreciate it. Some of the things I would hope to achieve in the classroom through the integration of the music curriculum are encouragement of the appreciation of music; knowledge of music and how it can impact ones life; how music can be integrated into everyday life; and no matter who you are you can sing, play instruments, move (dance), compose and listen to music.

Integrating Music into the Curriculum
HSIE: This Is Me! (Early Stage 1)
Activity 1 – Puppet Joe teaching the students a poem and some rhythm
‘The End’ with Puppet Joe, this will be explained in Lesson Plan 1
Activity 2 – Mirroring each other’s
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