Music Education Has On A Student

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Music education is often pushed to the side in terms of academics. It is often the victim of many budget cuts as it is seen as unnecessary and expensive. Looking from an outside point of view, most fail to realize how much of an impact music has on a student. The only loss they see when cutting a music program is that a student would simply no longer have the ability to learn an instrument. However, music education proves to provide much more knowledge and skills to a student than that. In learning any subject, a student learns much more than just that subject. For example, they might learn to think critically, think outside of the box, or learn to see things in different perspectives. Music is just the same. Any student gains much more than only the skill to play an instrument. In fact, music is special. It is much different than what is regularly taught in school. It takes on a different perspective of learning, but also, multiple aspects of a student’s brain is needed in order to carry out the function to learn music. In these sources listed below, these articles focus on how music education does benefit its learner in many different ways. Music educated students excel not only in music, but studies have proven that they do better in academic based subjects than those who have not taken music classes. They gain skills that help them in thinking, learning, creating, and even perseverance. Students educated in music receive much more than they expect. These lasting
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