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The Blues
Tyler Bragg
MUS-110 IN1

After the Romantic era of music came the era of modernism. While modernism itself has the connotation of being “now” or “current” the phrase actually refers to the rise of particular musical styles during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. One of these styles of music was Jazz music, a style of playing that involves a great amount of emotion and connection with the music. Jazz music itself splintered into many different genres of music. One of these genres that inherited the emotional and musical connections of Jazz is the blues. While the blues is a sub-genre of the Jazz playing style, the blues itself has many very interesting and amazing characteristics, as is seen by the
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The blues developed as a sub-genre of Jazz which developed from African musicians and workers in America during the 1800’s. These musicians put in place the foundations of Jazz and blues that allowed for the genres to prosper and flourish after new generations discovered them. The earliest blues musicians usually played solo, with a guitar. The dynamics of the guitar and the voice were favorable to the emotions of the time, as early blues often capitalized on being down on your luck and struggles of life. These struggles included being lonely, where you play music alone, and being poor, where you can afford few niceties like a guitar. Occasionally bluesmen would team up with another to add a new and interesting element to the music. This element evolved in ways that allowed for the genre to develop into new paths. The popular “standard” of blues performance would then became jug bands, which were popular until the 1930’s. Jug bands often featured instruments made of household objects that were used alternatively as instruments, such as jugs and washboards, however they did also use plenty of instruments made specifically to be used as instruments. These bands often used guitars, mandolins, banjos, kazoos, stringed basses, harmonicas, and fiddles to spice up the performances. For a while, this was the dominant performance medium of the genre. This style of country blues later allowed for the emergence of a new type of blues,
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