Music Era Of Music : The Blues

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The Blues
Tyler Bragg
MUS-110 IN1

After the Romantic era of music came the era of modernism. While modernism itself has the connotation of being “now” or “current” the phrase actually refers to the rise of particular musical styles during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. One of these styles of music was Jazz music, a style of playing that involves a great amount of emotion and connection with the music. Jazz music itself splintered into many different genres of music. One of these genres that inherited the emotional and musical connections of Jazz is the blues. While the blues is a sub-genre of the Jazz playing style, the blues itself has many very interesting and amazing characteristics, as is seen by the development, history, and musical elements of the genre. The blues is a very concentrated genre of music. While the blues is not a genre often seen at the top of the charts of popular music today, it has a very dedicated fan base and continues to be enjoyed by performers and audiences today. These performers are still pushing the genre forward today, in the same manner that the blues has developed all throughout the last century. The blues has its roots planted around the year 1900, where reporters and many popular musicians first heard the genre. Ma Rainey and Jelly Roll Morton claimed to have first experienced the blues in 1902. W. C. Handy had the blues revealed to him by a street guitarist in 1903. But even before this the genre was…

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