Music Essay : Music Therapy And Autism

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Music Therapy and Autism There are thousands upon thousands of illnesses in the world. You can have cancer, heart disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, tuberculosis, pneumonia, autism, and endless other ones. There are numerous ways to help these diseases and music therapy is one of them. Music is a very powerful thing. It makes us feel invincible and it inspires us to do great things. It changes us. Music is the one thing everyone can relate to. Music is very beneficial and supportive to people with autism. No one can mentally prepare themselves for the news of their child being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. It will be difficult to live with autism because it is a complex developmental disability (“What Is Autism?”). This would make it very hard for children to do things that we define as easy. There are countless of things that people with autism have trouble doing. For example, they may have problems making/maintaining eye contact, holding a conversation, have trouble with reasoning, and have difficulty planning something (“What Is Autism?”). This may be why we hold people affected by ASD to a very low standard because we think they cannot do anything we can. Normally something like this would have a cure but autism does not have a cure because no one knows the cause (“What Is Autism?”). This is very unfortunate for people that have to solve every problem they get differently because they have autism. Music therapy is extremely helpful. It is a professional
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