Music Festivals And The Environment

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Music Festivals and the

Music festivals throughout the years have become one the fastest growing phenomenons known to the young and old. All over the world millions of people gather in one place to enjoy various artists, foods and good company. What most of the world does not realize is the environmental shock these extremely popular festivals are putting on our planet. The most notable ideas concerning waste, traffic and travel, and the status and outcomes of environmental ideas and impacts on our planet in the music festival culture come from, and Judith Mair and Jennifer Laing. Countless hours spending your whole day in one place, forgetting water bottles and obviously getting hungry, as humans these acts are just part of our nature. Many thousands of people to feed and hydrate there is no doubt about it the waste construction would be a considerable issue at music festivals. Trash is known to be the most catastrophic problem regarding the environment at these festivals. The main problem is too much trash and not enough places to store it or simply just the laziness of festival goers not respecting their surroundings, “81% of people strongly agreed or agreed that they would most likely separate their trash is separate bins (”, furthermore the initial problem is that even though there is waste bins not enough people are disposing of their trash. Many festivals now days are realizing that waste management has
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