Music From Its Lyrics, Beats, And The Artist

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Music from its lyrics, beats, and the artist itself has an ambiguous connection the color of the skin of its listeners. For years, music was an alternative form of segregation and even corruption. Although Music has been around for centuries, the development and origin of certain genres are still being a challenge. During the time of segregation and integration times were tough It took both races a while to adjust to the abundant change of equality for all. One of the tools that helped ease this transition was music. Music had the strong ability to touch all types of people, of all ages of all skin tones. Musicians like Chuck Berry the Famous group The Beatles was able to bring young white teens and young black teens together all with lyrics and a smoothing style. However, Racism and the hardship of stardom was still alive and the harming of the music began to tear the musicians apart little by little. “ Blues music is one of the most influential characteristics that gave birth to rock and roll. Beginning in the Mississippi Delta region with African slave work songs and expanding to areas of Chicago and Dallas, blues went on to inspire rock legends everywhere. A major component of rock and roll history was the Beatles. The Beatles entire inspiration for their music was blues singer Chuck berry.” This marvelous inspiration is what lead to uproar r&b and rock a roll during the mid-1900s. Chuck Berry was born to the grandchildren of slaves in the 1920s. Both of his…
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