Music Games International Case Study

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The students were recruited from various local institutions were tasked with writing a business plan for Music Games International (MGI). With three weeks left until the deadline the team project was not close to complete. The team was comprised of the three founders, Igor Tkachenko, Alexandra (Sasha) Gimpelson and Roman Yukab; there was Henry Tam Jr. and Dana Soiman both HBS MBA students, additionally there was Alex Jan Sartakov from Boston Berklee College and Dav Clark from MIT. The team had experienced conflicts and tensions throughout the entire process. The main issues identified for the team 's process problems were no team leader was officially appointed or no one was empowered to define the roles and make final decisions. Secondly,…show more content…
These initial failures codified a lack to responsibilities, roles, expectations and trust.

What Foundation Issues Existed:

It was explained at the beginning of the case the “MGI team founders had a history of not getting along with outsiders”. This was illustrated in their distrust of both Dana and Henry. The lack of ability to conform and accept counter points of view prevented consensus and decision-making.

The foundation of the principal owners was to focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. However, it only incorporated a few behavioral concepts; there was certainly a high degree of enthusiasm and creativity (no lack of passion). There was a visionary perspective combined with tenacity, along with a dislike of hierarchy and bureaucracy. There was certainly an eye of the future, entrepreneurs often look to the future without having perfected the current business process and product.

Lastly the foundation of the MGI team did not set the norms and values in the very beginning. The members were unable to listen actively and communicate properly. Effective

communication is a vital part of any team. The MGI’s team members were not able to communicate properly and it caused many conflicts among them.

The Analysis:

This was a diverse group of talented individuals that came together at Music Games International. The team was not lacking in expertise; there was a business development expert, an award-winning

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