Music Has Always Fascinated Me

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Music has always fascinated me. Creating a combination of notes and sounds that blend together to form a picture or emotion, is simply remarkable. Music can impact people in vastly different ways, yet can create a sense of unity. As a child I grew up dancing. I performed multiple routines in tap, jazz, and ballet. So naturally, I was exposed to a wide variety of music. I vividly remember one recital; running up on stage to perform a dance routine to the American Rock song, “Black Betty” by Ram Jam. Then rushing off the stage to change, and quickly get back on to dance to an Irish Celtic song. From a young age I was aware of the different music genres around me. Over the past few years I have traveled to Nicaragua and Mexico. Both of which have sparked my interest musically. I’ve also been intrigued by African culture, music, and language. Music is a commonality that can bring people together without the need to speak the same language. My music awareness and appreciation have been formed by my music history, my listening ability, and experience performing. Music that I currently and have listened to impact my music appreciation. Typically the music I listen to depends on my mood. Genres such as acoustic, Christian/Gospel, pop country, or Christian rap are what I listen to today. It is easy to listen to all four genres in one day. Yet at the end I would find myself emotionally drained. Acoustic tends to exemplify a sense or unwinding and relaxing. I listen to

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