Music Has Been A Form Of Self Expression

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Keala Uchoa
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December 8th,2015 Research Paper
For thousands of years, music has been a form of self-expression that has united groups of people through its historical and traditional meaning. In the 1980’s, a new, more diverse genre took over the music industry by storm., Hip-Hop/Rap. This contemporary genre has raised much controversy over the years from parents, educators, and conservatives. These groups worry that Rap music glorifies negative lifestyle choices such as drugs, violence, sex and gangs; and those lyrics’ influence on youth. Since music is more apart of youth’s life than ever, these concerns are questioning the limitations on Rap’s explicit content. However, Rap serves as a positive outlet for self-expression without limits, allowing artists to freely communicate their journeys and struggles. In addition, Rap sheds light on current political/social issues in a relatable, digestible way; allowing youth to be more conscious and involved in society & its struggles; resulting in improved race relations and narrowing the gap between the rich and poor.
Since the beginning of written language, poetry has been a form of literacy “in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm” (google definitions?). As poetry has evolved into Rap (Rhythm and Poetry), it has become a popular, widely used way to express one’s emotions and personal struggles. Rap cannot be…
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