Music Has Been Around Since The Creation Of Humans

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Music has been around since the creation of humans. It is a sound that to us humans is appealing and it 's something that we listen to when we are sad, happy, excited, mad, and etc. There are many types of music, but when i look at the type of music that represents reality the most it is hip hop and rap. Hip hop has been around since the 80s but it has become increasingly popular throughout all of our community. Rap artists started out rapping about where they were from and the life they lived, and eventually it turned into rappers speaking about women, their riches and other social things.

Hip hop however for some artists it was a way to express themselves and show us what reality actually was for them. They spoke about things such as police brutality, black rights, natural catastrophes, and many other things that we weren 't exposed to, or didn 't know about. This is significant because music is heard by everyone, and if that person can make a song that sounds appealing to people, that person could send a message to other people about things happening far away from them. I imagine that rappers started talking about their struggles and it became something that millions of people heard. I imagine that rap started out as story telling and evolved to become music with people speaking about their feelings and much more.

Music has become heavily commercialized, and not just hip hop but in other genres as well. People from all over the country are becoming rappers and not…
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