Music Has Influenced The Most Lasting Impact On Me

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Music has been an intrinsic part of my life and I cannot remember a time when there was not some kind of musical instrument or sound system around me producing the music, which shaped my way of thinking. But as far as influence is concerned, I would say that my first public performance in an ensemble had the most lasting impact on me. Ensemble performances were quite important at the school I attended but I didn’t start until a little later than was the norm. This had some very important effects on me. I had heard groups play before, but for the first time, I understood what it meant to perform as a whole and not simply as an individual who happened to be playing while someone else was doing the same. As an individual player, I was always quite liberal with my timing – whenever I made mistakes I would go back, reread and correct them at my leisure, but as a group player, that would result in nothing short of pandemonium! It was quite hard for me to stomach the fact that my mistakes not only upset the other players’ flow, but they were also uncorrectable – once an incorrect note was sounded there was no going back and the audience would remember that wrong note more clearly than all the perfectly timed rhythms and melodies I produced. I think that all in all, music education cannot be an optional extra – the lessons I learnt, not just in learning to be more creative or having improved learning but in learning how to be a group player and sensitive to others around me, were
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