Music History and Its Influence on America

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me back to reality from another wonderful dream. Groggily, I manage to carry my body to the

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into the ignition, and i immediately feel better as My Love by Justin
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Emphasis on people's rights and the ability to shape the

environment was sought out. The American and the French Revolution were momentous

events during this period. People's view of the world and their relationship to it began to go

through major change. Music was viewed as an innocent luxury, and composers had to react

to an increased demand for songs. Many people started to express their emotions in their

songs. ( Essentials of Music.)

The Romantic Era (1825-1900) was formed by a clearer understanding of the world and

a human's place in it, which changed the way people thought of everything and everyone. Many

parts of Europe tried to free themselves from its foreign rulers. Music started to tell stories,

represent people, express ideas of philosophy, and to highlight national identities. Composers

began to incorporate ethnic influences in their music, and musicians looked at it as a calling rather

than an occupation. ( Essentials of Music.)

European music is where the search for American music's beginnings would be found.

Louis Charles Elson, author of The History of American Music states that when the Pilgrims and

English settlers found their destination ( New England), they had their religious songs that they

sang, but made no attempts to change them. They would not accept any alterations to establish

any new music to adapt to their new surroundings. All they did was mimic what they had learned

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