Music In Music And The Era Of Music

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Since the beginning of civilization humans have had music. We have used music to entertain each other, express emotions, and to enhance our religious beliefs. Human civilization evolves with new technologies and ideas and the same can be said about music too. Music has always been affected by what is happening all over the world. Music over time has been broken down into smaller eras of documented music. The first era of documented music is the Medieval Era and right now the world is in the Contemporary Era of music. I believe that music has been majorly affected by the many worldwide events that have happened throughout time. The first classified era of music that set the baseline for what music would become was the Medieval Era. This spanned from 500 CE to the 1400 CE. For most of this time-period the Church had overwhelming power that controlled people’s day to day lives and the church used this power to limit how composers wrote music. The church only wanted monophonic or single voice melodies in the style of Gregorian chant. They also demanded that music should only be used for religious intent. Even though the church had such a strong grip on society in the Middle Ages, there were a few musicians who went against the church’s word and used music for entertainment. The musicians who defied the church were the French Trouvères and Troubadours. The Trouvères and Troubadours were a wave of male musicians from France who travelled across Europe and sang songs, mainly
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