Music Industry And Practice Music Production

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I know how much of a cliché it is to begin this essay with the same, “I knew I wanted to be music ever since I was a little girl”, line in which you’ve probably heard over a thousand times, but I can honestly say that music has been the only passion I have continuously stuck by. I began writing songs when I was nine years old and I knew then that this was something I wanted to pursue. Therefore, when I heard there was an opportunity for me to learn about the music industry and practice music production, I couldn’t help but to apply. I think I could fit into the Tisch Summer High School Recorded Music Program, because of my experience in collaborative environments, creating music, and my overall desire to involved in this program.
When any student hears the words “group project” several thoughts can come to mind. Some think of long nights slaving away at lengthy word documents, while others think of awkward experiences paired up with complete strangers, but I think of biology class at the end of my freshman year. Instead of taking a final exam, our teacher gave us the task of creating the anatomy of the human body out of recycled and or homemade materials. The Frankenstein Project, as it’s called, is an in-school project that takes place in the last nine weeks of school. Each class is in charge of making one body and within each of the classes the students are divided into groups that are in charge of making a particular body part or system. For example, some of the groups…
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