Music Industry Essay

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Music Industry Essay Introduction A i: I am going to be looking at the music publishing companies Universal Music Group, Inc. (UMG), one of the biggest major labels in the music industry and Beggars Group Limited, (BGL), a powerful UK independent label. UMG own and administrate VEVO and in recent news Google Inc. is reportedly looking at investing a 10% stake worth £42million. The deal has not yet been signed but it is said that it will include a renewal agreement that will see VEVO distributing millions of music clips and videos on YouTube, (Universal Music Group, Inc. Key Developments, Google Reportedly Eyes VEVO, Jan 17 2013). In other news UMG have announced a new CEO for all the global operations outside of the US. Max…show more content…
Paul Resnikoff of Digital Music News stated “major labels are still spending between $750,000 and $1.4 million, depending on the artist in question.” (Music Marketing- The major label perspective, by musician coaching October 2010). Independent labels pride themselves on taking a more personal approach to marketing their artists, as they are not working underneath big corporate brands they have complete freedom. Having this freedom allows the Indies to develop artists based on what niche groups want to hear. Indie labels work on a much more intimate level using face to face contact at live music events to spread the word about their artists, (Marketing Plans for Indie Labels By David Ingram, Demand Media, 2013). A ii) Nine Inch Nails (NIN) have taken full advantage of today’s technology by developing and releasing a free iPhone app, which includes fan’s NIN remix submissions, all the latest and past photos of NIN, a messenger service in where NIN fans can chat. The media section is the most important section as there are thousands of fan remix’s already uploaded that can be instantly streamed from the app. NIN have also said they will release their own playlists under the music section of the app. This app is innovative; something modern that hasn’t been done before, it has proven successful for NIN in achieving mass advertising and therefore gaining more fans and enhancing the distribution demand of
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