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People listen to music for a variety of reasons. Some listen to music to relax in which it serves as a sort of escape from everyday life, some because they are a fan and follow a certain artist, and others because they can relate the lyrics to their own personal experiences. Whichever the case may be, music has and continues to serve an important role in people’s lives. Music has been circulating the air across many cultures for centuries; however, in the last 50 years, the music industry has become an important global industry and an vital area for economic activity on many geographic scales (comp. 45). Over the years, music consumption has grown and spread across many areas. Music consumption has become “more of less.” This…show more content…
The consumer also has the ability to listen to music without purchasing it. Today, individuals can do this by using online host sites such as Pandora and YouTube. Ultimately, technology is linked to the long tail theory. While this is a heavily debated topic of whether the long tail is in fact truly favored or not, one thing is for certain; the long tail definitely exists. Online sharing and purchasing has become a whole new economic model for the media. The long tail theory allows for not only the hits, but rather all music, to be used, followed and appreciated through digital media. An article by Chris Anderson states that people are willing to go deep, well past the long list of popular titles available at such record stores. He adds, the more they find the more they like (comp. 360). These online sources are allowing people to discover that their interest in music may not be as mainstream as they once thought. This theory demonstrates that popular culture is not all about the hits. Alternatively, it is about the long tail. It is the want and need for everything else. Anderson reiterates, “As fast as Rhapsody adds tracks to its library, those songs find an audience, even if it’s just a few people a month, somewhere in the country” (comp. 361). Kevin Laws, a former music industry consultant quotes, “The biggest money is in the smallest sales” (comp 362). These are just a few brief examples of how the long tail theory is upheld.

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