Music Influence On Music And Culture

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Imagine going through the whole day without music. No radio, no Apple Music, no Spotify; nothing. Most people fail to realize it, but music is a tremendous part of our everyday lives. But what makes music so appealing to the human race? Why do we depend on music to get us through the day or to relax us at night? Most people say they listen to music just because they like the way it sounds or they like the artist that sings the song, but there are much deeper psychological reasons why people turn on the radio in the car or plug in their ear buds at work. Music “provides a means of escape,” and it helps our overall outlook on life and the world we live in (Schäfer). Music is crucial to society and culture due to its effects on our psyche and its power to bring people together. It creates a satisfying and unifying emotional connection. A survey completed by Edison Research, a company that provides election poll data and other important statistics for the public, revealed that an average American listens to four hours of music a day (Peoples). When your car turns on so does the radio, and the average American listens to music on the way to work or school every single day. This shows exactly how impactful music is in society. Not only does it shape us individually, but it shapes our culture as a whole. According to Nielsen Music reports, Hip-Hop is the most listened to genre of music in the United States, followed by Rock and Pop (Chesman). This can be a very good thing or a
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