Essay Music Influence on the Civil Rights Movement

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3rd Period

Question: How did music influence/effect the Civil Rights Movement?
i. During the Civil Rights era, African Americans changed the way people looked at music by ending the segregation in the music world and by making a well-known “soundtrack” and influence during the Civil Rights Movement. ii. Topic Sentence: While music was an impact on the Civil Rights Movement, Motown Records is what gave Blacks the confidence to succeed in the only voice they had.
a. Motown Records was founded in 1959 by Berry Gordy who turned his music production company into history’s most successful black-owned record label company.
i. Black people were disenfranchised and to make it in
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It ended up with mix-colored concerts instead of segregated ones by reigning in a White fan base. iii. Through all of the Civil Rights era, music of all kinds was used to spread the message of peace, love, and equality. Many singers played a key role during the movement by sending the messages to listeners and being an icon to many African Americans.
a. Jazz, folk, R&B, spiritual, reggae and gospel were big genres during the Civil Rights Movement and the singers that came with them proved to be a big impact on the movement
i. Joan Baez was a white singer that sang “oh freedom”. She ended up singing it at Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech. In the meaningful slow song Joan Baez expressed her wanting for equality and freedom. ii. Sam Cooke was an African American singer that became the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. Sam took the spirit of the Black church into popular music. He became the first African American artist to reach #1 on both R&B and pop charts. His music was risky, but he won over white listeners and kept is church followers intact. iii. Marian Anderson is a highly celebrated singer that participated in singing at the March on Washington. It’s argued that her Easter concert in 1939 sparked the start of the civil rights movement.
b. When people look at the civil rights movement, they
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