Music Influences Consumers : Does Music Really Influence The Way Consumers Shop?

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Hazell Castillo English 01A Professor Fries April 17 2016 Music Influences Consumers Does music really influence the way consumers shop? Music affects many aspects of the consumers live in today’s society. Music is one of the easiest wat to connect with other people and convince them about something, because everyone listens to it regardless of the genre. Music has certain ways of affecting the way consumers shop by determining what brand they will buy, or how much products they will purchase. Some songs that are an example of how music and effect consumers’ behaviors is “Love Yourz” by J. Cole, “Save Dat Money” by Little Dicky featuring Fetty Wap and “Time of Our Lives” by Neyo featuring Pitbull. In the article “The Science of Shopping” by Malcom Gladwell he states, “After an hour or so, it’s no longer clear whether simply by watching people shop- and analyzing their every move – you can learn how to control them” (103). Consumers are not aware of how many factors are enforced or planned to make the consumers purchase spend more money. People put much effort to make consumer purchase products that they might not be sure why they really are buying it. People do the same thing with music, they play particular songs while consumer shop and would want to spend more money. The same way that artists want consumers to spend money on things they rap or sing about, music influences consumers in many ways such as the way the live a certain lifestyle, the things they buy for the
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