Music Integration : Balance Between Western Music Culture And Other Music Cultures Essay

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Music Integration: Balance between western music culture and other music cultures
Nowadays, with the development of the transportation and network, people can be easily exposed to different cultures from all over the world. It leads to a problem that how to set some criterions when different cultures has their own ways to measure. The culture also includes music culture. Michael B. Bakan states in his book that the term music is inescapably tied to Western culture and its assumptions. He also gives three possible solutions to westerners’ ethnocentrism that they want to impose their own culturally grounded perspective, biases and assumptions on practices and lifeways that are different from their own. The first solution is avoiding solving the problem, the second solution is converting other music into western music and the third solution is integrating and balancing western music culture and other music cultures. Among these three solutions, Bakan points out that the third one is the best (7). I agree with Bakan’s opinion. Since the music exists everywhere and belongs to all the people on the earth, the term music is related to all music cultures including western music culture. Although music styles from different cultures are distinguished, there is no need to impose one music culture to other music cultures. People all around the world should try to enjoy different music. The best way to define the term music is integrating different music cultures to
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