Music Is A Big Part Of My Life

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Music is a big part of my life. There is rarely a day I do not listen to it. Whether I am driving in my car or working out at the gym. I started really paying attention to music when I was younger and took dance classes. I took Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop. Each style of dance had dramatically different type of music. I always loved how with music there is so many different layers. One song might mean something to someone and then it could mean something completely different to someone else. When watching “Organic Intellectualism: DJ Scholarship, Black Feminism, and Erasure Resistance” Lynne Denise uses music, audio and visuals to talk about certain events that has happened or is happening in our culture. I created my own Spotify playlist inspired by Lynne Denise that tells a story about culture, gender, and technology. The word DJ Scholarship represents learning through music. The traditional way of teaching is normally thought of as when people go to school and take classes to learn new thing. DJ Scholarship is a new and creative way of teaching and talking about what is going on in society and learning about different issues. The way Lynne Denise does this is through the use of audio, and visuals. When I created my playlist I was trying to tell a story like Lynne Denise and bring up certain issues that are going on in society today. Not one person will interpret the song the same way. Each song has a deeper meaning then what is on the surface. I chose each of the songs in my

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