Music Is A Form Of Humanly Organized Sound

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Xinfeng Wang Professor: Peter Roubal Music 124 31 July, 2016 Music is a form of humanly organized sound According to the reading material of the proposition 3 in the text book, we know that music is a human phenomenon. In other words, music is the form of humanly organized sound. All sounds have the potential to be heard as musical sounds. From my point of view, any and all sounds can be used in a music work. Music is the combination of lots of sounds with humanly organized. In our daily life, we can hear lots of different sounds. By organizing those sounds, we can easily create a new music work. However, the sounds from nature can not satisfy human’s exploration of music. people begin to create musical instruments for getting new kind of sounds. The sounds of musical instruments improve the quality of the music. Sometime the combination of sound of nature and musical instruments bring unexpected result. I agree that many animals express themselves and communicate each other by using organized systems of sound. However, the voice of animals is sound rather than music in my opinion. People communicate with others by using human languages such as English, Chinese and Spanish, etc. In the same way, same kind of animals communicate each other by using their special language. Although those languages of animals or human own similar fundamental functions, human beings have more advance languages for communication as follow the evolution of species. Music is the application of

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