Music Is A Great Passion For Many People

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Music is a great passion for many people. Many people countless hours perfecting skills while others prefer to fine tune their taste in music. Music also helps many people get through their lives—both the bad and the good. Along with personal importance, music commonly helps classify time and culture. Recently, on November 12, 2015 the Dalí Quartet performed at Berea College. This group specializes in “classical and Latin-American music” (Jonathan Wentworth). In all honesty this group does live up to their skill. Seated in the front in the half-filled chapel, I watched four wonderful performers take the stage. I was ready to hear what I thought was going to be typical fiesta styled music with some stringed instrument, however my assumption was wrong. The group, sat in their chairs, started with a nodded que from violinist Simón Gollo. The group launched into a fun, almost jumping song called Angelica. This song took some obvious hints of Spanish culture in its music, being a bit more upbeat and danceable. The song also took parts of contrast which slowed down. As with most music performed by string quartets the music was wordless, which makes it all the better for conjuring images in the listeners mind. This particular song reminded me of a fun spring day, people running in the sun, rolling in the fields, and relaxing in the strong soft breeze. The opening song did its job, it hooked all the listeners and was ready to reel them in. Following was a piece with four
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