Music Is A Magical Piece Of History

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Music is a magical piece of history, and has changed throughout history with the changing of generations. As culture changes music changes as well. Artists have found a way to use music, art, and fashion throughout history as a way to convey feelings of love, sadness, frustration, and death. Musicians find a way to move their listeners with the sounds they hear. With every rise and fall of a note and change in melody or tempo, listeners find themselves holding their breath or possibly wiping away tears. Aaron Copland is a man who has truly done just that. His love for music started when he was very young when his sister taught him how to play piano (Encyclopedia). From that point on, his thirst and passion for music grew. At the age when most boys are outside playing, getting dirty Copland decided he would become a composer. Attending Boy’s High School he began to study music (Encyclopedia). In 1921, Copland moved to France to further study music at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau. It is there he would experience the different style of European music. Schoenberg and Stravinsky had always inspired him, and his stay in Paris gave him the opportunity to enhance his love and understanding of their music. When Copland returned to America he wrote his first major piece of music named simply the Symphony for Organ and Orchestra. This was just the beginning of Copland’s early writings. He wanted to experiment with music in his compositions. Copland began to blend music
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