Music Is A Major Part Of Everyday Life

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Music is a major part of everyday life. There are not many people that do not listen to music. Music has been a gradual piece that has changed and evolved over time. From the beginning of time where only simple melodies where being played on instruments made of animal parts to present day where there is a mixture of visual representations and various melodies being played at once. This is all due to the contributions of many artists over the years. Some of these artists where most influential during the early 1700s around the time classic and baroque music were prevalent. Other artists like the ones today have been influenced by past composers. This is just a way that although there are many branches to music each artists influence and works can all be seen together under one big music family. One of the most well known and influential artists of the 1700s was Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven was born on December 17th 1770 in Germany. His father was a musician for a court. During the 1700s top musicians played in courts meaning for the royals of the country. They were regarded as royalty and important people because they played for king and higher class people. It was said the Beethoven 's father was an alcoholic, this caused him to be a violent stern man. He was very strict with his children. Beethoven 's mother was the opposite. She was said to be a kind and gentle woman. Woman that loved and cared for her children. She was the opposite of her husband. Beethoven used to…
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