Music Is A Social Activity

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With music being a huge part of my life, this class has been wonderful! You may find this funny, but a few times since our first class I find myself saying… Mel-a-nie Lue-dders. The Musical Signatures activity was excellent and I foresee myself using it next fall with my next batch of students. With this being said, I want to reflect about music and how powerful it is within a classroom. In my classroom I try to make connections with my students through music. I truly feel that students find you more “human” if you can share things about yourself with them. Robert Hoshowsky’s stated in Breaking the Sound Barrier: R. Murray Schafer (1997) “Music is a social activity, and I need to have some contact with other people.” Schafer says this to Hoshowsky in the article and he really has a point. For most people, music is a social activity. It brings people together to share something they both enjoy. Therefore, sharing my love for music with my students is one avenue I like to take in my classroom. Many of them find it crazy that I like to listen to what they listen to or sometimes what their parents listen to. Often times I will get a comment like, “You listen to that?” Another avenue that I take with my students is letting them listen to music during work time. I have been teaching Special Education for the past sixteen years and it has made me more flexible with my schedule. By allowing students to listen to music during work time, they end up producing more work…
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