Music Is A Type Of Medicine

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In this society, music becomes a type of lifestyle that people enjoy to listening. Music can change people’s mood of the day. Music can be a type of medicine to remediate one’s heart. But, by creating one’s own song would be the most interesting thing to do in one’s life. Music can be reduced to basic, understandable elements. Once a person knows these elements, they get a basic idea of how to create a song themselves. In this world, there is only about one out of 10,000 people that were born with a “perfect pitch”, which means when that person hears a note, they have the ability to identify which note it is without any other notes help. Someone who born to have that talent in music is their treasure, they should utilize their genius to make others life entertained and happy. There is a concert in this world that will last 639 years because it goes very slow. It is very amazing if a person creates a song continues for hundreds of years. Music needs a lot of love and patience, without either one it is going to be hard to make a successful music. Music is a way to make people relax and entertainment. Psychologist uses it to hypnotize patient and figure out what is happening in their heart. Music is what people heard in the club after work. Music can be heard while shopping, music is everywhere. Ying Jiang English Department 1101 Prof. Cipriani 5/10/2016 Love And Patience, Music Introduction Music is a type of entertainment that people enjoy listening. Music can be reduced
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