Music Is A Universal Language

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Good music doesn’t have an expiration date. Over the years, it has introduced new sounds and patterns into our everyday lives. From belting out your favorite song in the shower to quietly tapping your foot to the new song on the radio. The long and winding path torn from music’s origin has expanded through time to today’s modern music. Modern music consists of contemporary ideas and traditional tunes with a twist. Music has undoubtedly changed over the years and most people have a persona definition of what music is to them. The simple definition of music according to author, David Ludden, (2015) “Music is a universal language.” (par. 1). People use music to tell stories and communicate. Much like Taylor Swift writes songs about her past relationships, I personally see music as a detour to get things out in the open without having a personal confrontation. I see music as stress reliever, especially when writing; it’s a way to say what needs said but with the soothing sounds of a guitar or piano in the background of your thoughts. Like the diary 2.0. While music has kept a steady definition through time, modern music has been re-invented and re-made to be distant from that of an older age. Music has always been around, just remixed as time goes on. We know that it has been around for a while because geologists have found cave paintings dating back to prehistoric ages where they are depicting people dancing, proving to a presence of some interpretation of music. Music was

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