Music Is An Art, Music, And Music

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Music is an art, music is entertainment, and music is good for the soul. Stevie Wonder said “Music is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand.” Music can change our moods, bring up emotions, and trigger memories. Although, the changes in rock & roll throughout the last sixty years have been significant, the way music makes us feel continues to be the same. Periodically throughout the history of music, there are special artists/bands that come along at the perfect time with the perfect message to making a lasting impact on music and change music in the future.
In this paper I will be talking about a few of those iconic artists, how they have been influenced by major social and cultural changes during their careers and how their music has reflected that. Throughout our history, politics and music have intermingled. Artists have used their power of fame to be the soundtrack for movements of change in our society.
When I think about an artist who has made an impact on rock & roll or music in general,
Elvis Presley is the first person to come to mind. Elvis was born in 1935 in Mississippi. He grew up poor and an only child with a close-knit family. In 1948, Elvis and his parents moved to
Memphis, Tennessee where he graduated high school. He had a number of musical influences growing up which included country, pop, gospel and R & B. His singing career was started in
1954 and within two years he had a record deal with Sun Records and was an international

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