Music Is An Art That The Tones

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Assignment “Music is an art that the tones have been arranged accordingly sequence, and produce a unified and continuous composition (Webster 's II New Riverside University Dictionary, 1984).” Music does not have any fixed form but it has different meaning for different people. I think that music is a sound that is filled with a person’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts; meanwhile it can also affect a person feelings and thought. I like brisk and lively songs that make me feel happy and relax, instead of heavy sad song or strong rhythm hit song because I can easily be emotional. Among all other songs, “Wide Awake” sung by an American singer named Katy Perry is a meaningful song for me. I still remember the first time I listened to this song was in the evening, and I had just went back from school and was having a rest in the living room while watching Astro Hitz with my sister. This song showed up in the television and I cannot move my eyes away from Katy Perry’s music video. It was so touching and powerful for me, I can feel the beat, bass, pitch, and the lyrics that played around my head. It is an amazing song that I had ever heard and it touched my heart. I always wanted to live in a world that has no war, no natural disaster, no pollution, and everyone is so kind and nice. Yet, it was just a dream for me because the reality shown us that everything in this world may not always be wonderful. Sometimes, I feel like escaping myself from this world because everyone would
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