Music Is An Instrumental Piece Of Music

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Music is often described as a different language, yet it is a language that everyone can understand. When you listen to an instrumental piece of music, it does not matter whether it came from the Americas, Europe, or Africa; music is music. I always believed that because music was a medium that everyone could understand; the process to get there was simple. I was wrong. When I was twelve years old I joined the band at my church, and I have been playing in that band for five years. Over the years, new people have joined the band, and they all come from different musical backgrounds. Our musical differences make it hard, at times, for us to communicate and interact when we play together. However, I have learned more about myself and the other members in the band by allowing their strengths to show me where I was weak. When I was twelve years old, my Pastor asked me to play before service one Sunday evening. I remember thinking to myself afterwards, “Well, I got through that unscathed. What’s next?” The next thing was playing with other people, but this posed a problem. To teach the new band members new songs, I was given the assignment to “compose” songs for the band. This means that I listen to the song we want to learn and arrange it. Then, I teach the band members their respective parts. The goal is to get the basis of the song, and then once we perfect it we make the song distinct by adding our own style to it. The very first song that I arranged caused a lot of

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