Music Is Exceptionally Powerful And Meaningful To People

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Music is exceptionally powerful and meaningful to people worldwide as it serves as an expression of emotion. Authors of various literary works integrate music into their stories. In Baldwin 's short story, "Sonny 's Blues", jazz music is an important part of the story that explores the life of one of the main characters, Sonny. During the time this short story was written, Charlie Parker, an influential jazz musician that is briefly acknowledged in the story, had an immense following. Charlie Parker (along with Louis Armstrong) is considered by many to have forever changed jazz and to have left a legacy that permanently marks him one of the greatest saxophonists to have lived. Parker’s private life, which was full of hardships, mirrors…show more content…
After the narrator informs Sonny of his daughter’s death, Sonny writes back from jail in a letter expressing how he does not know how he ended up locked in jail and how glad he is that his parents “are dead and can’t see what’s happened to their son” (Baldwin 555). Sonny already has guilt about disappointing his brother and does not want to add his parents to his list of burdens. In general, drugs and alcohol is a recurring theme in not only Parker’s life but Sonny’s life in “Sonny’s Blues” as well.
Parker’s unhappiness with his life connects with the theme of darkness in “Sonny’s Blues”. Parker was unhappy with his life because of many reasons but an important reason was his strong belief that pervasive racism was still intact in America. The people in Harlem are also unhappy with their life which relates to the theme of darkness. Figuratively, darkness is abundant in the text’s version of Harlem, for people feel that they have limited opportunities to succeed. Consequently, people then feel hopeless and infuriated with themselves and society. The narrator’s students are described as feeling tremendously angry in the beginning of the story. The students most likely have feelings of fury or anger in response to the abundant racism in the U.S. To illustrate, it is made clear that racism is prevalent in Harlem when it is revealed that the narrator’s father had a brother that was killed by white people. Sonny’s uncle is
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