Music Is More Beneficial Towards Schools And Students

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The generation today learns in many different way, but the involvement of sounds and music in a classroom can be very beneficial towards schools and students. Music is a big part of human 's everyday life, it triggers the brain to stimulate advance and critical thinking. The mind starts to get healthier and allows the brain to remain fresh. Music is still being researched in how it can improve our brains and learning, but it is shown that it has been a useful resource for Alzheimer 's patients and babies. Age is not just a number when it comes to sounds, rhymes, and music it helps generate learning abilities for all ages even a newborn baby. Having sounds mixed with lyrics can move a person in more that one way, which is exactly why…show more content…
Information is not important if it is not processed, because when it is not processed it is not memorized, nor is it understood to where when it is being understood to the point that the student can elaborate on it. Studies show that soft music causes better understanding of information and improves test scores. The graph below shows that background music like classical and instrumentals being played result in students to score higher on test. There was a study shown that when the soft music was playing in the background student were solved harder problems quicker. Then, there are the statistics that show students who did not have any background music at all. The results of students testing without music is shown inconsistent and does not help improve test taking skills or the ability to learn new information. These statistics are tested using soft music without lyrics. When soft music without the lyrics is being played in a classroom while learning or even test taking, this allows students to block out little noises that may cause distraction, and open up the mind to absorbing new material. The graph shows that there is a successful increase in having music being played in the background(Maas, 15) In comparison to not being able to have concentration when learning, those with Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD), if not focused then the mind is elsewhere focusing on other thing that may serve as a distraction to a student or even a teacher. This disorder can
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