Music Is Music For The Sake Of Music

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Human nature has it that we add meaning to objects, shapes, and many different things. Studies show that when a person watches moving dots on a screen they add their own storyline to it. This is because we are people of meaning, and for us everything has a purpose. Absolute music is music simply for the sake of music. This means music with no attached program or meaning. One is brought to wonder about absolute music; can it be that instrumental music can really have meaning? When one thinks of music with meaning, their mind is automatically drawn to think of program music, which is music with an attached meaning. Can our minds truly add meaning to instruments with no predisposed purpose? All through our lives we hear music on the radio, loud pumping music blasting in our ears while in the backseat of our parents car. As we grow older, we begin to make the choices for ourselves about which songs we like and which we do not like. We start to differentiate between country music, pop music, and rock music. And many people, or maybe it was only I, make the switch from their parents Q104.3 Beatles music (which they believe to be legendary), to their very own Taylor Swift music on Z100. Now I am brought to think about this change; was the change simply because rock is not my taste, or was it because the meaning behind Beatles music did not relate well to the stage I was in at that period in my life. After looking into the music, I learned that Beatles music and
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