Music Is The Foundation Of All Types Of Music

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We have a new conductor? Who 's the new conductor? I 'm sure it 's one of your famous friends. Is it Babes? Oh, my gosh! Oh, my word! It 's Babes! I 'm going to ask you to respect him and support him. - Can you tell us who it is? - We want to know. Okay, I won 't waste anymore of your time. I 'll call him to the front. Mxolisi, the floor 's yours. Thank you. Hello. Can you hear that? Classical music is the foundation of all types of music. If you ask your parents, they 'll tell you the same thing. - Sorry, Teacher. - Yes? What you 're telling us about classical music, are you going to test us on it? No, GC. I just want you to understand what I 'm trying to teach you. Are we really going to sing old music? Obviously. …show more content…

I 've always wanted to sing lead. So you 're really going to change our lives. Well done. Great. I 'll see you at rehearsals. Okay. You have a beautiful car! You 're an evil backstabber! Can 't you see what he 's doing? He wants to make sure that after he kills me... no one will suspect him. They 'll say he liked GC. And you 're a witness. Can 't you see he 's trying to trick me? Let 's go. How are you, Wilfred? I 'm fine, ma 'am. I have something for you. Good thing you caught me before the shift change. - Don 't you like it? - I do. Thank you very much. It 's a pity we 're in here. If we were on the outside, I 'd do so much more for you. 
 - Nice things. - Really? Thank you. Seriously. They say Thai food is so delicious because... according to the Thai people, what 's in your heart goes into the pot. Now I see why you love all this fancy food... from all these different countries. I love food. What can I say? What I tasted today tells me that... you have the sweetest heart. Thank you, Bheki. You know, it 's so good to know that someone appreciates what you do for them. Let me show you how much I appreciate you. Let 's travel the world, through food. There you go dreaming again. Do you know how expensive it is to travel? No, we 'll travel the world by sampling foods. The different tastes and flavours. That sort of thing. I thought... You 're back, Mxo? Yes, I 'm back. I 'll leave you in good hands. -

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