Music Is The Most Influential Music

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Is music a way of expressing our emotions or is it just another way that people use to manipulate our minds? Music can be used for many things, in moments of sadness we listen to motivational music, in moments of happiness we listen to happy music. It just depends in the kind of mood we are into in those moments. That’s what music is, just another way that people use to express themselves. But what happen when music start teaching us lifestyle? are we ready to understand the meaning of the messages artists are sending us?. Hip Hop music is the most influential music there is in our society. Teaching young woman and man the wrong idea of what a love relationship means, by objectifying the woman and picturing the man erroneously. In the…show more content…
HipHop music and lyrics teach this young man this idea in almost every single song for example Rick Ross a hiphop/ rap writer and singer says in one of his song “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it” (You don’t even know it). Basically what this artist is telling all his listeners are that is okay to have sex with a girl if she is unconscious, to drug her and to have sex without her consent. This issue in other words is call rape. Young men are becoming physically abusive to women because they believe is right to do it.
In the book “Pimps Up, Ho’s Down” Sharpley Whiting states, “A gifted an MC as DMX is, the lyrics to "X Is Coming" ( 'if you got a daughter older than fifteen, Ima rape her ') deeply disturb, as do Tupac
Shakur’s ‘First let my nigga fuck then I fuck/ That’s how we do it (ha, ha),”’(59). Whiting is concern with this kinds of lyrics. This hiphop artist are putting this wrong idea in the young men, that lead them to become physically abusive to women. Young man create this idea that sexually abuse toward women has no consequences because hiphop artist are making it seen this this way. HipHop culture is sending wrong messages to young men, by making them believe the wrong idea of how sex is supposed to be use in a love relationship, making young man believe that sex can be used as a form of
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