Music Is The Most Popular Genres Of Music Essay

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Music has been found in every culture in present time, as well as in the past, dating back almost 55,000 years (citation), with roots in Africa. Music is one of the most basic art forms and is a way of life for many; a means of expression relative to emotions, culture, and one’s self. Music is all around us and it’s hard to imagine going one day without listening to some variety of music. Music has evolved tremendously from prehistoric times today, but one thing’s stayed the same – one culture’s music is influenced by the culture as a whole. The period in history directly influences the style and genre of music. For example, in the mid-1930’s, during the Great Depression, Swing music became one of the most popular genres of music, because it created an upbeat vibe, which created pleasure and happiness that hadn’t been felt due to the Great Depression. Through music, the American population was able to experience a sense of joy that was otherwise absent during that period in history. The brain is an astonishing organ of the human body, comprising the majority of the central nervous system. The brain has great control over functions of the body, as a whole. The brain allows for thoughts and actions to be executed on a daily basis. Fundamental functions of the brain include instincts, emotions, behavior, and concepts (Perlovsky, 2012). Further, the brain constantly develops and transforms, according to one’s environment (nurture vs. nature), behavior, and brain injury.

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