Music Is The Most Unifying Characteristics Of Humanity

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Music is one of the most unifying characteristics of humanity. Almost every civilization has developed some form of music, be it the drums of Africa, the prim and proper composers of Europe, or the gentle and elegant music of the Far East. Music is certainly an important aspect of everyone’s life, whether they notice it or not; however, some school districts have decided that music is not worth the money needed to keep it a part of their curriculum. Music deserves to stay a part of primary and secondary education because of the values it teaches, the benefits to students’ grades, and the benefits beyond school. The first reason why music should stay is that it teaches many values to students. According to the Harris Interactive poll of high school principals conducted in the spring of 2006, schools that have music programs have much greater graduation rates than those without programs. A graduation rate of 90.2% compared to one of 72.9% is a drastic difference in the amount of graduates (Why Music Education?). To put this into perspective, if there were a class of 200 students in a school with a music program, 180 of the students would graduate. If that same class did not have a program, only 146 of them would graduate. As clearly shown by this drastic change, music can deeply impact the amount of people who graduate from a class. According to the same poll, schools that rate their program as “excellent” or “very good” have an even higher graduation rate of 90.9%. Music
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