Music Is Vital For Film From The First Silent Film

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Music is vital to film from the first silent film to modern IMAX films. In order to understand the significance of film music, it must be defined. Grove Music Online defines film music as music composed, arranged, compile or improvised to accompany motion pictures. In the sound cinema, music is recorded as a soundtrack on the film stock and reproduced in exact synchronization with the projected visual image. This paper discusses the history and methods of music in film, explains the psychological power of music in film, the advancement of technology for music in film, and provides a few examples of composers who have written music for film. Many novice “movie-goers” believe that film score music and the soundtracks they listen to all began with film, but its tradition is actually much older. The approach to writing film music goes much farther back then the first film created, circa 1895, and even goes back farther than popular operas like Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro in 1786. The development goes back to the Ancient Greek theater and even further back to the ancient rituals of the Sumerians. Understanding the history behind the development of music that leads to music in film provides composers a starting point when beginning to build their first film score, this process allows composers to learn from their predecessor’s successes and mistakes. Many of the early works that film music composers wrote were in the nineteenth-century late-Romantic style of Wagner and Strauss

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