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1) I chose this particular experiment to see what my mind would allow me to draw based on the way the music sounded. I thought this would be a cool experiment to see how I feel when different music is playing and how I interpret the music I hear into a drawing.
I decided this experiment would be best if I wrote about it right after I did it. I sat down one evening and chose a classical music playlist that had excerpts from different classical music songs. I chose this playlist because I felt it would give me different things to draw based on the way each different song sounded. I also decided to have different colors set out so I could pick a new color every time I heard a change in the way the music sounded.
The biggest thing I took
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My very close friend laughed because she knows I can not draw, let alone with my left hand. My other friends thought it was funny because I do not like to do creative things like draw and my preferred song choice is not classical music.
A main comparison I made from my experiment to Thoreau's ideas was the thought of nature. While I was listening to the different types of music no matter what the song was I always thought of drawing something that had to do with nature. When hearing this music the first thing I would relate the song to was something of nature. This relates to Thoreau’s ideas about the importance of nature and how it has a big role on our lives and environment.
I learned from this experiment that you should always be open to trying new things and do not have a closed mind when going into it. This experiment taught me how the mind is wonderful and can allow you to interpret and feel different things from what you hear. I learned that doing things that you are not used to like drawing with your nondominant hand require more focus and effort and leave with with unexpected results. I did very much so enjoy this experience and thought it taught me things I did not realize. I would do this experiment again, but instead of classical music try another genre of music and see what types of thing I feel when listening. Also if I do this experiment again I will give myself a bigger variety of colors to see if that changes the way my drawing turns out. Lastly I would try this experiment again and try using my dominant hand to see if the outcome would be similar or completely
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