Music : Music And Alternative Music

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Throughout time, music has become an innovation which influences generation after generation. It has always been a significant part of citizen everyday lives. It creates mixed emotions for every individual in any situation that they are a part of. There are many genres of music in specific cultures. All music has its own individuality to it but two in particular have unique and similar qualities, Indie music and Alternative music, through its musical structure, publishing with record labels, and their popularity. Musical structures are how to format a song, whether it is has a rhyme scheme of ABAB, AABA, etc. Music does not even necessarily need a rhyme scheme, as long as if there is a flow agreeing with the instrumentals than anything is possible. The general music structure for Alternative music usually have a format of an intro, following by a verse, then a chorus, then a second verse, chorus again, and then an outro. But not all alternative music is alike. There is a sub-genre called “alt-rock” and it follows that same structure but the band may have just added a guitar solo after the second chorus. The music form that Alternative music has is common in any genre, it is very common in pop, rap, country, metal, etc. The structure of Indie music is very similar to Alternative music but what makes it unique is the way lyrics do not form up with chords, or the words being sung off key, it sounds interestingly perfect the way it is. A band that sums that up perfectly is
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