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21st century is very progressive in creative entertainment industry as movie, music and art in general. For the past few centuries it has evolved and developed to the completely new level, where to be as an artist is a significant job. Although, artists have never been on their own, they always had a person who has been “looking after” them, these days it is called manager or producer. According to the Kazi Uddin, there are only 3 recording major labels these days : Warner Music, Sony Music and Universal Music Group. Warner music controls 19% percent of the industry, Sony music manages 34% and Universal music owns 37%, the rest 10% is running by the independent “indie” labels. Apart from that, major labels are having divisions into a smaller labels for example by genre. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, total global revenue by year was approximately $15 billions, which is more than a 2016 Union budget of India (Sinha, 2016). I believe it shows how magnificent became the music industry, major labels are still in charge of 90% but because of the independent labels raise, major labels has to give more freedom to the artists but was it always like that? In this essay i will show how did it all started and came to this point.

Since the Middle ages music was intend only for the entertainment purposes, it was not part of everyday life as it is nowadays. Music could be heard on funeral, on wedding, in pubs, on ball, in the beginning or end of…

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