Music : Music And Brain Development

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Music and Brain Development Brenen E. Dapkiewicz Music and Brain Development Start by speaking the ABC’s. Within that process I have a decent feeling they were vocalized in song form; more than likely it sounded like Twinkle Twinkle. A well known melody from birth. Hearing music everywhere, tuned into our favorite station on the radio, throughout stores in the mall, or even the drumming to the tempo of the car’s turn signal in front of ours. As individuals, we have developed over time the sense of rhythm and song, integrating it into our society and culture. Music has been revealed to help in the development of early childhood to, the way it affects our brains, and mental health throughout our lives. Affecting humans in unique ways, music tends to shape us from the moment of birth. From the moment of conception, to the day of our passing, humans go through a countless deal of education, but has anyone ever considered how it is that we learn so much? To become who we are today, growing up consisted of various hoops, most of which had to be done within our first years of birth. This time is known as sensitive periods. Put another way, Scott (2004) cited: In the initial stages of life, children 's brains are similar to a sponge soaking up liquids. Children 's immersion in their culture helps program the brain for later learning. "Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell are turned into brain activity. This leads to the growth and development of our motor, emotional,
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