Music Notes

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Music Notes: Midterm One
Studying Rock: * Fan mentality: reject other forms of music * Gold Records: 500,000 copies * Platinum Records: 1 million copies
* Social, political, and cultural issues * Issues of race, class, and gender * The development of the music business * The development of technology
The Popularity Arc: * Mainstream popularity is the ‘peak’ * Genres tend to develop underground and aren’t written about historically during these years (subcultures)
Musical Form: * The way different sections in a song are organized
Rhythm: the way music sounds are organized in time; beat is the pulse
Meter: organization of rhythm and beats into music * Simple; one &
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Rhythm and Blues in the 1940s and 1950’s * black music * Blues; explain hard times, express sadness, race relations * Popular music played and listened to by black people * Played no role in mainstream pop (white people didn’t know about it); racial segregation * Black southerners also migrated, and brought music to Memphis, Chicago & Detroit
Classic Blues * African American Women * Bessie Smith had been popular in the early 20’s selling 1 million hits but blues popularity faded out of the mainstream * Piano Horns, womens point of view
Rural/Country (Delta) Blues Approach: * Robert Johnson; crossroad blues * Sang with acoustic guitar, irregular forms, call and response * Tremendous flexibility,
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