Music Of Film And Film

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Addition of Music in to Film When is the last time that we as an audience watched a film without sound? What if the silent film was to make a resurgence, how would we, as a nation, respond? How important has music within film become? Why does music affect us the way that it does? From the beginning of film to today’s digital formatting, music had been a stable part of entertainment and used to suggest certain emotional responses on the audience and we haven’t questioned it. Music is an important part to film and without it, would make film less interesting. Film came around in the late 1880’s. It at that point was just still images being run in front of a light and projected on a screen. This was done all without sound, save for the sound of the projector shuttering. Though films were just pictures on a screen, it still moved audiences. “One could not only get lost in the crowd, one could also get ‘lost’ in the images, which is one of the primary aims of the spectarorial experience (Dixon, 9). They were not only moved by plain images, but also by the image of sound. Audiences would react to the image of a gunshot or cannon fire by covering their ears. Audiences still experienced sound even though there was none. This was through a process that was referred to as the ‘silent sound sense.’ “This phenomenon, referred to as subception or subliminal auditive perception by psychologist, was exploited by numerous makers of silent films, who peppered their products with visual

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