Music Of Native American Culture

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Music is big part of Native American Culture. It is used in many different ways, such as expressing one’s feelings or through the use of self-expression. There are unique collection of instruments that are played in ceremonial events, recreation, and even through healing. Some of these instruments are drums, flutes, rattles, and other percussion instruments. The voice is also used quite a lot and may even be the most important one because it is the backbone of music made in Native American Cultures. Native American music has many different musical styles and within every Native American tribe there is a variety of musical styles and instruments played. Most Native American music dancers and singers are characterized by their different ways of dancing and the different types of instruments they play interpret from the tribe they originate from. The instruments the Natives used were all hand made, that it self symbolizes creativity and hard work. Drums and flutes were the two most made and played by the Natives. They way the Natives pounded on the drums was a way they expressed how they felt. The drums are the oldest instruments in the world; it is used in a handful of oral traditions. While the different American Indian tribes create and use drums in the different ways, most construct them in way where it is all very similar to each other. These drums aren’t the typical drums we see in rock concerts, we are talking about ancient drums where elk skin is wrapped around a
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