Music Of The 60s Essay

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The Sixties were an exciting revolutionary period of time with great social and technological change. Some people called it the “decade of discontent” because of the race riots in Detroit and La, and the demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Other people called it the decade of “peace, love, and harmony”. It was called this because of the peace movement and the emergence of the flower children. (Britannica) The sixties were about assassination, unforgettable fashion, new styles of music, civil rights, gay and women’s liberation, Vietnam, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, peace marches, sexual freedom, drug experimentation, and Woodstock. All of these components caused a revolutionary change in the world of popular Music.

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When early rock and roll began the major American record companies did not take the british invasion seriously. The Beatles first album had to be released through small independent music companies. The success of British bands began to get to large to ignore, it changed the styles of some American musicians as well. In 1965 Bob Dylan performed at a concert in which he used electrical instruments, this alienated many folk music purists in the process of changing music forever (Unterberger pg.165). The American band the byrds combined folk and rock which created a number one hit on the billboard music charts. A Band called Buffalo Springfield blended aspects of Rock, Country and western music to create country rock in 1966.

American musicians responded to the British musical stimulus by experimenting with new forms, technologies, and stylistic influences. (Encarta) Rock music Diversified even further in the late sixties, it combined new music styles with the mainstream of American popular music. In 1967 the Beatles released the first rock concept album titled; sgnt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band. This album established new standards for studio recording and helped to portray rock musicians as creative artists.

In 1966 a new rock developed,this was known as san fransisco rock,or psychedelic rock. It was associated with the use of hallucinogenic drugs, including LSD, and Marijuana. there were psychedelic art and light shows, and
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